Become a Licensing Agent

Advanced Licensing Agency

Sustainable Home Business That You Will LOVE With Realistic 6 Figure Income Potential

Advanced Licensing was founded with one primary goal in mind:

To help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of national expansion through licensing.

We embrace changing people’s lives!

As the most prominent licensing and expansion organization in the world, we connect entrepreneurs to license opportunities, introduce licensors to qualified people, and train the industry’s most knowledgeable agents to make it all happen. Our culture, technology, reach and scale are helping us revolutionize the licensing industry. We seek go getters and go givers, who have a strong desire to help others and their families achieve Personal, Financial and Lifestyle Freedom!

An Opportunity to Become a Highly Paid Independent Licensing Agent without the overhead, stress and responsibility of a traditional franchise

Partner with the Best Company in a Growing Industry!

Advanced Licensing Agents build a lucrative sustainable home based business by placing their clients into business opportunities by helping them through the business selection, evaluation and buying process as well as helping them access the capital to own and operate that business. In addition, Advanced Licensing Agents also earn fees by assisting business owners turn their successful business into a Licensed business primed for expansion.

Our professional agents represent many licensed brands and work with prospects that are in the market for a career change and who desire business ownership opportunities. They assist clients in identifying and exploring ideal opportunities that meet each candidate’s professional and personal goals.

Profit Centers

  • Placing clients into licensed businesses
  • Helping clients access the capital to own and operate that business
  • Turning a successful business into a licensed business primed to expand

Licensing Has Clear Opportunity


Licensing is becoming the preferable choice over franchising mainly due to cost and regulations. Additionally, entrepreneurs HATE traditional franchise contracts, that control all aspects of a franchisees life and usurps gross royalties right off the top of their bottom line. On the other hand, Licensees earn immediate profits and revenue streams, compared to most franchises that could take years just to break even, let alone make a profit (except the franchisor).


Entrepreneurs exploring business ownership need help finding a business opportunity that suits them. Most existing businesses for sale have scary hidden liabilities, while licensing opportunities are lower risk, with the same or greater potential than buying somebody’s problems.

Licensors need a stream of high-quality prospects from a source they can trust. Advanced Licensing provides that and more, earning tremendous commissions and revenue share by connecting licensee candidates to licensors looking to grow. You will be able to offer our complete portfolio of opportunities, as well as develop new programs with our complete help and mentorship.

Your success is our success.


That’s why it’s crucial that we provide the continuous, comprehensive training and support you’ll need to effectively operate and grow your business:

  •  Extensive initial training
  • Personal coaching and mentoring
  • Advanced Licensing online support center dedicated support staff
  • Customized professional website
  • Industry-leading marketing collateral
  • Social media marketing
  • Online marketing webinars
  • Varied prospect generation services
  • Exclusive marketing training & resources
  • We help you build a Team of sub-Agents you will override 


Invest in Your Future & Take control of Your Life

As an Advanced Licensing Agent, you’ll provide services to potential license buyers, helping them find the best business based on their background, skills, financial requirements and goals. We’ll teach you how. You just have to be able to learn and follow a proven system, be well-organized, analytical, communicative and – most importantly – 
have a strong desire to help others. You’ll also need to be aligned with our organization’s most integral values: integrity, growth, and teamwork.

Operations support

  • Extensive initial training
  • Personal coaching and mentoring
  • Advanced Licensing online support center
  • Digital communication network
  • Dedicated support staff

Additional Benefits

  • Certification Program
  • Access to the portfolio of brands in the industry
  • Independent, contract-based business model
  • Multiple profit centers
  • Generous referral fee earnings
  • Annual convention

Marketing support

  • Customized professional website
  • Industry-leading marketing collateral
  • Social media marketing
  • Online marketing webinars
  • Varied prospect generation services
  • Exclusive marketing training & resources

Here are some of the benefits that makes a difference:

  • Sustainable Home based business model provides increased profits
  • Flexibility to work part-time or full-time
  • Multiple income streams and high net commissions
  • No prior experience necessary
  • Ongoing access to Advanced Licensing multiple lead generation and marketing programs. No cold calling.
  • Personal coaching/mentoring by Advanced Licensing Team members.
  • Team mentoring through regularly scheduled Leadership sessions.
  • Ongoing support provided by dedicated support team members.
  • Back office support site, a proprietary client and lead management system designed specifically for Advanced Licensing Agents, training recordings, forms, scripts, presentations, reference material, tools and more.
  • Custom marketing website branded to your business including full hosting and maintenance.
  • Realistic 6 figure income potential
  • Return on investment with just 1 or 2 transactions
  • High demand, high growth, recession-resistant industry
  • Very low to no overhead
  • A proven, flexible business model
  • Total investment of only $9,500 $499 (for a limited time)

At only $499, the investment is far less than is required to become a successful consultant in any other field, and yet this business offers very high income potential.

For $499 complete, we provide a professional sustainable business, ready to run, with the Advanced Licensing Team standing with you every step of the way!

Leaders always find a way to lead. Becoming an Agency is designed for the person who can lead by example. Not only can an Agency sell licensed business opportunities for themselves but can build a team of Agents supported and trained by Advanced Licensing. There’s no limit or territory restriction on how many Agents can fall under your Agency. This is a great example of leveraging the efforts of others. This is NOT MLM or Network Marketing. Agencies receive a 30% contract on net commissionable license fees sold by the agency and receive a 10% override commission on all net commissionable license fees sold by their Agents. Below is a hypothetical example of what an agency might look like: